Pär Scott, LMT, MAOM, Lic Ac

I provide the following services:


Massage technique is based in Swedish and deep tissue. Focus of the treatment can vary from relaxing full body work, to more focused treatment for performance enhancement, or the management of chronic or acute injuries. I tend to work relatively deeply, and focus on some atypical areas. Treatments last for 70-80 minutes


Acupuncture treatments include a fair amount of hands on spot massage treatment and diagnostic work, for a relatively gentle needling experience.

Chinese Herbal Medicine$150/month

Chinese herbal therapies help to support other treatments, and, in China, are a treatment in their own right. Depending on your condition, herbal treatment can add strength to your other treatments, and help you hold the effects of bodywork and acupuncture. The cost includes one monthly consultation, phone consults, and the cost of all herbs prescribed for the period.